Affiliate Marketing – Can You Really Make Money Online?

Can people really make money online with Affiliate Marketing? Depending on the person's attitude, they either will or they will not.

Let's take a look at two different people, Fred and Belinda. We'll take Fred's case first.

Fred is a lazy guy. He has a job but he only ever does the minimum required of him. He could have been in line for promotion but expects to be handed everything on a plate. He is always moaning that he has no money and that life is treating him really badly.

One night when Fred was out visiting a friend, he was having his usual moan about having no money. His friend told him that there was a way that he could make some extra money on online called Affiliate Marketing. Fred listened and thought he'd give it a try, though he did not think it would work because nothing ever goes right for him.

When Fred came back home he got onto the Internet and found that people were making money with Affiliate Marketing. So, off he went and signed up as an affiliate to a dozen or so different products. He's then spammed a few forums with his affiliate links and sat back and waited for the money to pour in. Needless to say, Fred never made a penny and brave up after a week. The only thing he gained was another thing to moan about.

Now, Belinda is a different kettle of fish. She is an energetic stay at home mom with a couple of young kids and a husband. Her husband brings in enough money to keep them comfortable but not quite enough to give the kids those special treats. Both the kids are now in school so Belinda has some free time on her hands. She has also heard that she could make some extra money online with Affiliate Marketing and decided that is what she is going to do.

She spent time researching Affiliate Marketing and Learning how it is done properly. Once she had enough information and knowledge, she was promoting her first product. After a short while she received her first commission check. She kept working on this one product until she got it to such a pitch that she felt she could spare some time to start promoting another product.

She repeated this over and over again and now Belinda is promoting several products, each adding to the commission checks she receives. She is now a fully fledged Affiliate Marketer making a very good income from her efforts. Best of all, the kids are now getting those special treats.

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