Casual Cash Make Money From AdSense & Froogle

I was searching to web for ways to make money on the internet. As I was looking at scam after scam I noticed an article on some webmaster message board about Google AdSense and how there was money to be made with AdSense. So not knowing much about building web pages I put together a very simple web page and bought a crappy domain name. I proceeded to submit it to all the major search engines and every link directory that I could find. I thought to my self, "Ok I can set back and watch the money roll in". A week roled by and the site received 10 visitors. A month went by and the received 119 visitors. I had made about 40 cents so I said, "Screw It" and forgot all about the site.

Over the next couple months I spent all my free time learning about designing web site, graphic design, promoting, and anything dealing with running a web site. During my many hours of brain numbing searching I came across some very useful sites and some not so useful sites well that's what I thought at the time anyway. One of those not so useful sites was I book marked it thanking that I might use it to find my next computer or something. Surprise Surprise I did use to find my new computer. I went to Froogle and typed in "Laptop computer AMD" when the search results came up I noticed a pull down menu to said, Sort Results By. One of the options was lowest to highest and being kinda hard up for money I choose that option. To make I long story sort "I had a brain storm."

Ok, My brain storm:
Being that most of the country is hard up for money I thought that most people probably uses the lowest to highest option on So if I could get a product to list on the first page of that option on Froogle. I could get a lot of quick relevant traffic. So I thought to myself "What can I sell" As I was thinking I remembered that I had come across a drop shipping company dealing in novelty lighters. So I did a little research first I went to to get an idea of ​​how many times people search for novelty lighters. Second I went to Froogle and did a search for novelty lighters. Through my Froogle search I found that I would have to price the lighters at about one dollar to get them on the first page. So I thread together a very simple page with AdSense ads and priced some of the lighters at one dollar. I then submitted them to Froogle. It took about five days to get listed but I got instant results. The first day my site was listed I received 20 hits from Froogle. I know that does not sound like a lot but you must consider all the variables. Here's the numbers.

Overture said that there was around 1300 searches for novel light in one month. 1300 searches over 30 days = 44 searches a day. So I got almost half of the people that search for novel lighters for that day.

So I let the page go for about a month and then I check my AdSense account. Had made $ 15 dollars from my lighter page. So I made ten more simple pages and bought ten more domain names. Then I bought one of those ebooks that said it had a list of drop shippers. While it did not I tried and tried and I certainly found a real list of drop shippers. So I picked ten different kinds of products, DVD players, Xbox games, play station games, TVs, tools, computers, mp3 players, cell phones, Gamecube, and Video Camcorders. These are all highly search for items and the traffic that I was receiving from Froogle reflected that. For the month of October my 11 sites earned just a little over 2000 dollars from AdSense. All the traffic came from

Step By Step
1. Find a list of drop shippers.
2. Pick a product and buy a domain name to fit the product.
3. Design or buy a design for your web site.
4. Find a place to host your web site
5. Sign up for Google AdSense.
6. Place AdSense ads on your web site
7. Upload your web site to your host
8. Sign up and submit your products to

My tips to success
1. You must pick a domain name that is relevant to the products your selling
2. Use Overture to find highly searched for products
3. Make sure to price products to rank high in Froogle results
4. Make sure your sites content is relevant to your products.
5. Make sure you can make a profit from your product. If you would happen to sell one and you will sell one

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