How to Grow a Second Income With AdSense

AdSense has become one of the best tools in the armory of those seeking to make a second income online. It allows you to add value to your website. If implemented correctly, it can generate a significant amount of revenue. However, like most things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Hopefully this article will help with that.

You can be up and running with AdSense in no time and the returns can be quick and impressive. The key to this is topart fresh new content. Not just a rehash and 'respin' of an old article. If you give Google some fresh new content on a given subject it will gobble it right up and reward your site with visitors eager to click on those adds and generate you income.

There are several stages to consider before starting to write your content and pick the niche for your site.

Research a subject that is current but bear in mind longevity, the Olympics are fine, however interest peaks only every so often. iPods etc are current, constant and here to stay – they are also installed so get your balance right !.

Aim to put together a series of articles of quality content as discussed to form the main body of your site. Also reserve a few to split up and use as blog entries and article directories for backlinks. You can add your AdSense adds (sparingly) around the content. As well as being frugal, pay attention to positioning and type of ads (pictures convert better than words – period).

There are a bunch of tools on Google to track and trace your traffic. From analytics to channels, it is worth trying to wade through some of the info even if it is a little heavy for my taste. Cover the basics with sitemaps etc to allow your site to be indexed better. Do not be tempted to rest and try to experiment to raise your CTR (click through rate).

Another good tip is to check what the higher paying keywords currently. Its all very well doing a great site with new content on organic dog food for penguins which conversions at 4c a click when Lemon Law is converting at 50 dollars !. Remember to base your entire concept of site / content / AdSense / SEO around your initial keywords. Again there is no point writing on penguin food if your site is highlighting high interest money market accounts. Keep that idea firmly in focus with everything you do.

Try and utilize whatever style of advert that is in vogue and take advice from whatever Google is recommending in terms of pictures. Give a little thought (and space) for public service adverts.

Remember, focus on your keywords, give out new fresh and interesting content that is relevant to your niche. Experiment with size – position and style to maximize CTR. Track everything to see what works. Concentrate on your SEO and Google will reward you and you will be on track to a nice second income.

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