How To Make $ 25,000 Monthly With Google AdSense

WHAT IS Google AdSense

It is an advert serving program that places adverts – specifically, based on relevant contents, and assumption about who might be interested in that content. It is an application of the broader concept of Contextual Marketing. Contextual Marketing means aligning the advert serving with the context or nature of the website and its audience, the same way like items are grouped in a supermarket.

The adverts always match the material that they are appearing near, and so that appeal to the interest of the reader or buyer at any given time. When you place AdSense code on your website or blog, every time a visitor to your site clicks one of this adverts, you make money.

AdSense adverts are a little different from text link adverts in that the are a complete advertisement, not just a word or a few words. Also, unlike text links, you are paid a small percentage commission for each click of the adverts, instead of an affiliate percentage commission each time a sell is made.

ADVANTAGE OF AdSense programes

• It uses text-only adverts. Although text adverts are generally better than graphic flashy advs, also known as animated advs. Google offers them with the program. The clickthrough rate of text adverts is proven higher than that of animated advs. More clicks equals more money. Actually, Google technology will suggest whether a graphic adv. or a text adv. will be more suitable for your site and earn you maximum revenues.

• It is simple to use and operate. Once you are approve, showing adverts on your web page or blog does not take time and requires minimal technical knowledge. This will be evaluated in the next series.

• Selection of adverts. Google is very smart about advert selection. Only those that are relevant to your content will be displayed.

• Effortless money. You make money while you sleep. If you do things well, visitors to your site will click on the adverts.

The following programs are offered which you can make money from. There are: Google AdSense for content, Google AdSense for search and Google premium AdSense. Lets know what the are.

• AdSense for content. These are contextually targeted adverts displayed on your webpage, which you are paid for every click. These adverts are specifically targeted to the content of your webpage.

• AdSense for search. With this program, you advertise Google search box on your webpage. You become a host to Google and visitors to your site can search the entire internet from your website itself. You are paid when an advert is click from the search.

• Premium AdSense. This provides advance features and functionality. Your webpage must receive at least 15million page view per month to qualify for this service.


The main key to your Google AdSense profit is always the content of the webpage or blog. Stuff your site with good quality content, that is articles that will be relevant to your readers and give them a good experience. Be sure that your WebPages have enough textual content in the form of informational articles, analyzes of various topics, and much more.

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