How To Make Money Online With Banner Ads

One good way to make money online is with banner ads. This has been a way to advertise and promote products for a long time. Banner ads can be created in many different shapes and sizes. You can then adjust them so that they will fit in the area of the website you would like to place them. This will work well when you are customizing your website, or need the ad to fit in a certain spot on another website.

There are many different types of software you can use to create banner ads such as Photoshop. That is if you already know how to use it. If you do not you may need to put up a lot of money, and spend too much time learning how to use Photoshop. There is free software such as paint that will work well enough. It does not have all the things Photoshop has but it is free, and also has the things you would need to create banner ads.

Here is a couple of ways to make money online with these banner ads.

1) You can use banner ads along with affiliate marketing. To do this you find an affiliate program like ClickBank. Then you find a product you would like to promote. When you find a product you like, you build a website to promote this product. Then you will create the banners to fit inside the website. When you create banners you want them to be eye- catching but not to flashy You would like the buyer to know what you are promoting. Inside your banner you would put your affiliate code for the product that you are promoting. Then when some one clicks the ad and they purchase the product, you will get paid usually it is a commission for the sale. This is an inexpensive way to use banners you will only need to pay for a domain and the website hosting. The rest is all done by you just build the website for your niche fill it with good content and place the banners you make within it.

2) Another way to make money online with your banners is to buy ad space from website owners. This can be a bit costly but it can also be very profitable. The right type of ad on the right high traffic website can do very well. With this type of advertising it is important to track your ads. You need to see how much you are spending on them and how much profit you are making. It will also take some research to find websites selling web space. These will need to be relevant to your niche and to the ads you want to post. A good way to do this is to check on Google. Then do a search on the niche that you plan on making the banner for. When you find some that will fit your niche go to the sites and look them over. If they look good to you contact the website owner and see if they sell ad space or make them a reasonable offer. When you find one to put your ad on test it for awhile to make sure it is making you a fair profit.

When creating your banners just remember to try to make them look good. You want people to click on these ads, if they are to cluttered and people do not know or understand what they are for you will not get the sale. Make a few different banners put them in different areas on your site and track them. See which ones seem to get clicked on and where they are located on your site. This is how you can make money online with banners by testing and seeing what works the best.