How to Make Money Online With Classified Ads

If you are looking for a way to make money online from home without spending a dime, you can maximize classified sites that allow you to post free ads on a product or service you want to promote on the internet.

Recommended websites:




Many people use these free advertising campaigns in an ineffective way. If you want to know how to make money online from home through this opportunity, follow these guidelines.

1. Sign up for an affiliate account at Commission Junction or ClickBank. They are the most popular affiliate program sites. Then, go to the marketplace to look for products you can promote.

2. Get the affiliate links of various products in different categories. You should have up to 100 products. Save the affiliate links in a notepad.

3. Visit each link to have an idea of ​​the products in terms of benefits and features, if available. Some of them are just squeeze pages.

4. From that, write a short ad copy for each of the products. Let your ad copy ambition benefits rather than features. Try to appeal to the mind and emotions of a potential visitor.

5. Register at 10 to 15 classified sites. Search for a list of them in Google. Do not start posting your ads with those raw affiliate links; they do not look good to the eyes of a potential visitor.

6. Cloak the links to make them look nice and clickable in order not to lose some sales.

7. Register a web hosting with a domain name, eg For each link, create a sub-domain and set up re-direction for the affiliate link. Such a sub-domain looks like or When a visitor clicks the URL, he will be re-directed to the sales page of the product. Alternately, register for a free account at to cloak them.

8. After creating sub-domains for all the affiliate links, log in to each of the classified sites and post your ads into the right categories. Give them catchy titles.

9. Wherever possible, upload an image with your ads. Get commercial-licensed graphics at or

10. What remains is that you will have to renew the ads a day prior to expiration so as to keep them live on the sites. With all these, you are ready to make money from home online.

Pros and Cons

Although trying to make money online at home using free advertising by posting classified ads is a bit bit tedious at start, it is still an easy method to use compared to article marketing.

If you choose to make money online with classified ads, promote products that are related to home and gardening, internet marketing, relationship, computer and electronics. They often do well in classified sites.

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