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I am on the Internet since 1996, and I have witnessed a lot of changes to it since then. At first the Internet was used by people to discover new things, and talk to other people from different parts of the world. Now, the Internet is a great source of income, and more and more people make money from selling products online, or participating in on-line money making programs.

Lately, I have been searching on various search engines for things like: make money free online, business Internet make marketing money online business Internet make money online opportunity system, make money taking online survey web site software ad, in hope I will find a decent program to make money from, with out paying anything to start. That is a bit hard to find now a days, because there are a lot of programs for that, but they ask you for an initial payment.

After some heavy searching on Google, Yahoo and MSN, I finally found what I was looking for, the program is called CashCrate, and it is totally free. You just need to sign up for it, and you can start making money in minutes. They do not ask you for any financial info when you sign up, just for the address where they need to send the checks.

At first it seemed to good to be true, because there are also a lot of scams out there, and they are allowed to be because they are especially crafted so you can not make money from them. For example, you need to reach $100 to receive your check but that will be very hard, and it will take you a lot of time.

CashCrate is not one of those programs, it will send your check when you reach the sum of $10, every month on the 20TH. You can make those $10 right away, I made them in about 1 hour after signing up. Also, CashCrate has a forum, where you can ask questions about the program, and a special section where people are asked to publish a scanned picture of their checks. This has proved to me it is not a scam, and people get their money monthly.

CashCrate is for me, the easiest way to make money online, you just need to join, and start completing tasks. The tasks consist in participating in free surveys, and you will receive from $0,50 to $2,5 by doing so. The number of the tasks is presented by CashCrate in a list where you can pick them from, and after you have finished them, you just need to submit them and wait for the money to be credited to your account. For the United States residents by completing these tasks, could make them an extra $1000 a month.

There is also a daily survey, which if you complete you will get $0,80 into your account. I also want to mention the very good referral program, which will pay you 20% of what your referrals make, and 10% from the people that they refer make. Important it is here that this money will not be taken out of their accounts, it is just extra money added to your account, so basically if you sign up from a referral link or the main web site it is the same thing.

A last thing I would like to mention about the program is that you do not need to be 18 to enter it, you just have to be 13 years old, which is a pretty great way for all the kids out there to make money on the Internet.

If you want to learn more about CashCrate, or sign up for the program please go to the blog I dedicated to it, there you will find a tutorial and more information on how to make money online for free using CashCrate.

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