Make Money Online – The Best Way

Making money on the internet is a very good idea in theory, but how is it really done? So many people try and fail. People became so overwhelmed trying to find the best way to make money online that one of two things can happen. One, they become frustrated and give up. Or, two, they end up investing money on scamming companies and lose out on money they should be collecting!

Time is money and it can be very frustrating to lose so much time doing the research. Then, on top of losing time doing research, you never find your way to make the money that you set out to obtain. It is a vicious cycle and there are so many companies out there offering to teach you the best way to make money online. You may even be asked to invest money before you start making money. It's a simple fact, if you're going to make money online, you need to invest. An Internet Business is the same as a brick and mortar business, just a different venue.

There is an old saying that states that "success comes from many mistakes". I have personally found this saying to be very true in my own personal experiences. The best way to make money online is by making mistakes. But, who said that those mistakes have to be your mistakes? Why not find your best way to make money online by learning from other peoples mistakes? It is a wise action.

One of my mistakes that I hope many people learn from is this, "You can not make money online for FREE!" The companies that tout the slogan "join for free, do not advertise, do not enroll anyone, we will do all the work for you and you will make $ xxxx a month in your spare time …" are the largest jokes out there. Look at it from a purely economic standpoint. You saw their advertisement, which means more than likely so did a few hundred thousand or million other would be Internet Business entrepreneurs. If everyone joined for free, did not send any ads, did not talk to anyone, did not do anything at all and did not bring anyone into their business, WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM that everyone is going to become rich from? I can guarantee you there is not some multi-gazillionaire sitting at his desk just waiting for people to join so he can start sending them 10's of thousands of dollars every month just out of kindness. It just simply does not work that way and those ads are just setting you up for a big disappointments or deception for what they are really going to charge you after you become inundated with information overload. This is called "bait and switch", an all too often used form of deception. Why would you want to do business with someone who deceived you from the start?

Finding the best way to make money online takes time and effort. It takes mistakes (not all yours) to figure that out. If you are looking for the best way to make money online, put everything you are looking at to a small test. To get the answers it is important to review the business from start to finish. Review their presentation, both written and video if available and talk to someone in the business (If that is an option).

1. Does this business appeal to me?

2. Does the company have products? Tangible and intuitive?

3. Is the compensation plan set in my favor or the companies? (This will tell you if they are looking
To help you or just the company).

4. Is there a way for me to talk with someone? Can I get my questions answered in writing or over the phone? (Companies who give you more than one option to get your questions answered are great companies to do business with, usually)

5. Is there a way for me to contact someone by phone if I chose to?

6. When payment is made, who is paid, the company or the people? (What you want to see here is that you get paid first and directly and then the company receives their portion. making a payment error and then you do not get paid, It happens.)

7. How do I know that the person that is presenting this is going to be there for me and help me as I grow my business?

a – how willing is he / she to share his / her strategies?

b – where can I go to see these in action now? Blogs / websites / lead pages

c – Is there training? Is there a cost? How often and what is the format?

8. Is there more than one level or one way to join, or is everyone required to start at the same place?

9. Is there residual income? (This is not to be confused with mlm income. No liability to the mlm'ers out there, but true residual income comes from continuously coaching and working with your front line people to grow them so they can in turn do the same. you receive Lifetime Residual income. This should be built into compensation plan without affecting your primary income.

When you have completed your review and test on the opportunity, look at the percentage of positive and negative answers. If they are more negative – move on to the next. If they are more positive – ask yourself Can I do this with training? Your answer should always be, yes! If someone else can do it, so can you. Your next question should be – How soon can I get started?

Then follow the directions and instructions of the people who are doing this now. Do not reinvent the wheel. What they are doing is obviously working, so why try to change it. Then finally take action. If you do not put it into action you should not expect results. It is a business, treat it as a business and it will give you the results of a business.

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