Making Money With AdSense in No Time

There are many formulas that people may claim work for them, however the reality is that there is no right or wrong way to make money with AdSense. Have you every hear of anyone claiming a formula on making money with a fax machine? Likely not. The reason is that it is not AdSense that just makes you money, but rather, it is how you use AdSense on your sites that roots your success with AdSense.

Never build sites specifically to make money with AdSense. You may be publishing to make money, but if you focus your development on AdSense alone and you are pushing AdSense ads in the face of all your visitors, you are likely missing the ball when it comes to Web development. You really need to adjust your focus so that you can, in fact, make money with AdSense. It is very similar to any other kind of business. Let's look at food service. If a restaurant was strictly focused on making as much money as possible, they can get so wrapped up in the commerce of things, they lose focus on what is causing them to make their bread and butter: good food. If the focus is removed from making good food, there may be some restrictions on how much money they will actually make.

You may have heard the phrase "Content is King". There is a ring of truth to that, because with good content, you will build your friendship and your traffic levels. Good content, coupled with strategic AdSense placement will result in AdSense success. Building your friendship or your traffic levels requires you to not needarily think of everything in terms of dollars and cents, or how much each click is potentially worth. Successful Web publishers will rather see into the minds of their potential Web site visitors and ask, what is it that my web site visitors want to see? What kind of content are they interested in? If you publish a blog or articles on your Web site, what do they want to read about?

This may lead to the question of why your web site visitors will even want to visit your Web site? What is it that they want to get out of your site? Is there an entertainment value or are they looking to achieve some kind of knowledge? Are they looking for some specific information on a specific topic? Understanding the answers to these sorts of questions will allow you to respond to the needs of your Web site visitors and deliver the content that they are wanting. You will then be led to explore the questions of how you deliver the content. There are many options and you have many formats to choose from.

As you explore that journey, and you place AdSense ads on your site to associate with that content, you will find that your AdSense ads are also things that your readers want to read about or learn about, and the ads that your content pulls up will attract clicks from your readers. It makes sense when you think about it. Write about things that your readers want to read about, attract AdSense ads that content that content, and get clicks.

Once you have a good amount of solid content and you are generating even minimal amounts of AdSense clicks, at this point, you can explore the rates that you are getting with each click, and whether one ad placement serves more clicks than another placement. Do you get more of an AdSense response with vertical placement ads, or leader placements? Or maybe the square ads? Experiment with where you put ads. Some experience success in breaking their content up and placing an ad unit in the middle of their content. You will have to learn what the right formula is for your readers on your site, and what works on one of your sites with one group of Web site visitors may not necessarily work in another niche with another group of Web site visitors.

AdSense allows you to set up channels for as many ad units as you may want to. If you set up channels for the various AdSense placements on your site, it will be easier to evaluate the performance of individual ads.

Bottom line is that you should always make yourself open to reading your audience and understanding what they are looking for. Most importantly, understand that this will be a constant exploration. You will never have the answer because the answer will change as much as your audience and the market changes. It is up to you to keep up with understanding as it adjusts with time.

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