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Making money online is very easy yet some people find it very hard. There are many ways to make money online eg affiliate marketing, information marketing, domain marketing, Google AdSense etc. But article marketing is another money generating system. Online article marketing is a lucrative way to make money online and people are yet to understand the business.

The basic is to know what to write, you do not need to write it to be extreme classic, and just an ordinary 250 words is enough to make up a full article. The only thing that is needed to be done is to make sure you write what you know about. You have to prove professionalism on the niche you are writing about.

First, is to write the articles in a very concise mind that even a six year old kid can understand what you are writing about and after putting those words down, you have to also go through it and make sure that the article delivers the message you want to pass on.

There are two ways to make money writing articles online:

1. You can write a full 250 words or more of an article and place it for sell online. The game is to make sure you deliver an accurate message the buyer is searching for. After putting everything together, then you can submit it to the article market place and an interested buyer may come for your article. This method you have the sole responsibility of how much you want to sell your article. Is not uncommon to see a simple 950 words been sold hundreds of dollars.

2. The second system of this business is you get paid base on how many people that read your article. You will get paid $ 3 per one thousand readers that read your article, but the fact is the sites earn more than 10 million visitors monthly. So if you have a good title and good articles you will get thousands of readers to your article monthly. This method may not pay immediately, but it works in autopilot, the strategy is to write as many as 100 or more of articles, then you will be sure of making good money from this method. The system is to do something once and it will keep paying in autopilot even when you are on bed.

You have to take this field serious so you can make good out of it. To get you started you can make a Google search on the keyword "get paid writing article" and you will find good sites that will pay you writing for them. You may also consider constant-content or helium; they are all good sites to write for cash online.

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