How To Make Money From AdSense Using Blogger

If you are reading this right now I know that you're interested in making money with the Google AdSense program. I have found an easy and profitable way to turn your AdSense income in the right direction and I will reveal my hot tips to you!

1. To make money from AdSense using blogger you should first think about to write very simple in your blogposts. People like when it's simple and they do not want to read posts with a thousandsands words either. So keep it simple and if you have an awesome article with 500-1000 words break it down to 3-4 articles instead.

2. Always try to write articles that will help people with their daily problems. Try to solve their problem. If you do this consistently your readers will come back to your blog and you'll have a better chance that they will click on your AdSense ads. If a reader trust you they will click on your ads because they will be seeing those advertisement as helpful text links.

3. Try to leave at least 5 blog comments on different blogs in your niche. This will increase your traffic very effective but NEVER spam. Leave useful comments with tips, advice etc instead of spam comments. No one like spammers and if you have a blog you do not want spam comments I think.

To build your AdSense empire you'll need traffic to your blog! This is the most important thing. Without traffic your click through rate will suck and you will not make any AdSense money. So create a blog and start writing today using these tips!

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