Top 5 Things to Look For in Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Starting an affiliate marketing business can be overwhelming. If you look on ClickBank alone there are thousands of products that you can choose to promote. There are 5 important things you should consider when choosing a product to promote. These 5 things will help you be an incredibly successful affiliate marketer:

  1. The first thing you should do is look for a product that interests and excites you . If you pick a product you're interested in you will be more excited to promote it. You will have a very hard time writing a review or landing page about a product that bores you.
  2. Find a product with a high conversion rate . The conversion rate is the number of people who click through the product page who then buy the product. Consider anything with a conversion rate of 3% or more an excellent rate. To find out your product's conversion rate you usually will have to email the support staff of the product, however sometimes they will advertise it on their affiliate page.
  3. Gravity is one of those things that affiliate marketers answer about. It is a formula that tries to give you an idea about how many people are successfully marketing the product. I have learned that products with a high gravity tend to be better products or have better sales pages , therefore are easier to sell. Some have said that high gravity products have too much competition; however I would always choose a product with 200 gravity over a product with 40 gravity.
  4. The support staff for your product should respond quickly. The only way to test them on this is to send them or an email or if possible call them and time how long it takes them to respond. If it takes them more than a couple days, scratch them off your list. They obviously do not care of you sell their product or not. If they do not care about the people selling their product they will not care about the people who buy their product and you do not want to send people to them anyway.
  5. Most importantly look for a product that pays you more than once. Recurring payments are incredibly important to your success as an affiliate marketer. With recurring payments you can grow your business with minimal effort. If you make the same number of sales per month your business is growing instead of staying constant. You also do not have to worry about making all those sales every month since your sales from last month are paying you again this month. Usually this means selling memberships to sites that help others make money or provide new content each month.

So pick the best product for you, pick one that sells well and often, is well supported and pays you over and over. If you follow these five tips you will have a huge head start on other affiliate marketers.

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